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Data Architecture
Data Architecture

So Much Data, So Little Time

Data Architecture is a mixed bag of things related to how data is stored and consumed. Since data drives almost every aspect of modern-day life and business, this bag has become quite important in a lot of ways.

Our goal is to assist you in implementing the proper techniques and technologies when it comes to dealing with data. This could be data you or your company already have, or data that is available to you, but you are unsure how to use it. Maybe you are wanting to create a new application that needs a good way to store and manipulate data. Whatever your needs may be, small business to enterprise, on the ground or in the cloud, we can help you leverage data in a modern way to help improve your efficiency and drive your business to higher productivity!

Data Warehouses/Vaults

Bring data of any volume together from multiple sources for centralized reporting. Process your data on any schedule, even near real-time for sensor-based data sources.


Organize and visualize reporting against your data in a way that allows you to make the best decisions for your business.

Machine Learning/AI

Take your data analysis to the next level by allowing computers to do the work for you by generating predictions based on historical trends in your data.

Data Logistics

Store or sync your reporting or application data anywhere. This can be on-premises or in the cloud, using your choice of many database technologies.
Data Architecture
Custom Solutioning

Lean, Mean, Focused

I know you are wondering why your favorite spreadsheet app doesn't let you 3d print your favorite NASCAR driver's picture into a sweet piece of art. We can help you with that.

Ok, our specialty isn't 3d printing from spreadsheets, but I'm sure we can make that happen if that's what you really need. Shenanigans aside, we are merely trying to express that we can create what you need to make your life easier and be more productive.

If you have not been able to find that honey hole solution for your day in, day out, we might just be your end game. Let's talk about it!

Web Apps

Unable to find an existing application or service to suit your needs? We will work with you to create a modern multi-device-friendly application of any scale to do just what you need.

Phone Apps

You may want a more native experience on mobile devices that a web-based app cannot always provide. We can create an experience for you that feels native across iOS and Android devices.


Schedule processes or create triggers based off something that happens in an application or data set. Some examples of triggered events are email notifications, text messages, or any type of data processing.


Create integration into your application or data for your own or 3rd party services/applications. APIs are an integral part of allowing completely different applications to communicate with each other automatically.
Custom Solutioning

A More Productive Day

Throughout your day, there are likely some things you are doing that you should not be. I'm not talking about running 5mph over the speed limit. These are things that involve technology. Maybe you are typing stuff into a computer or device that should already be known, moving files around, copy and pasting redundant data, forwarding emails, etc.

Most all tasks that involve a computer or device in some way can be automated. We cannot make clouds rain, but we can make them very smart.

If you want to drop the zero and get with the hero, lets automate your tasks, increase your productivity, and save your days!

Tailored Orchestration

Automate redundant tasks that seemingly waste your time. Orchestration of each automated task can be based on any type of event such as data entry, output from a previous task, or a simple time schedule.

One Offs

Perhaps you need a localized technical solution that does not involve any internet services or applications. You might have specific functionality that you want to improve or change. (I.e., a physical form that you would like to digitize and make "smart" by automatically filling in redundant fields.)